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Thanks to modern technology and an immense amount of research and development, Lahaina Printsellers now produces an extensive array of gicle’e prints on canvas. These superb canvas re-creations are produced in-house and are available exclusively from Lahaina Printsellers. They offer works from local and international award winning artists, with a variety of giclee prints to accommodate all types of art lovers. "Our goal is to provide high-quality artwork at affordable prices, whether your needs are one piece of artwork or several" says owner Charlene Walker, "Our gicle’e prints can be printed in dimensions to accommodate any wall space and budget."

 photo SimonWilliams_zps2batemks.pngTodd Kawasaki
 photo georgeyoung_zpslyhrs5p3.png The Middletons
 photo novakicon_zpsvnrzua3a.jpgKarin Novak-Neal
 photo SimonWilliams_zps2batemks.pngSimon Williams
 photo Richard Fields_zps3on9ih2j.pngRichard Fields
 photo Cquanicon_zps1khfuo2q.pngCarolyn Quan
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngEfren Erese
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngJaquelyne Mauvais
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngRon Phillips
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.png Ben Saber
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngNancy Duell Veranth
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngDave Shively
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngMatthew Long
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngSteve Stallings
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngSage Cox
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngSteve Strickland
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngJack Wilson
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngJerome Fisher
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngLynda Towles
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngJake Skoda
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngJon Renwick
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngKatie Jo Sheppard
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngNatalia Biner
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngPetra Nohealani
 photo Bensabericon_zps2j1b7fbr.pngRandy Miller
 photo georgeyoung_zpslyhrs5p3.pngGeorge Young