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A. Lincoln

by Portraits of Heroes

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Premium Canvas
Premium Canvas
Premium Canvas
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"A. Lincoln"

Published by Johnson, Fry and Co., 1862

Printed by Lahaina Printsellers, Ltd., 2012

Alonzo Chappel was an American painter best known for his portraits of the famous men of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. According to the image shown here, this painting of Abraham Lincoln was based on a "likeness from a recent photograph from life", although Chappel did take the liberty of adding a few details to make the portrait more interesting.

Johnson, Fry and Co. of New York copied Chappel's earlier original works and published them in 1862 in Evert A. Duyckinck's two-volume set, National Portrait Gallery of Eminent Americans. Steel-engraved with great skill, the portraits represent a precious art form rarely practiced today.

A copy of Lincoln's signature completes the presentation.

We custom-print this facsimile image on waterproof canvas in our Lahaina studio using the finest archival inks, which are tested and guaranteed not to fade or shift under normal circumstances for over 100 years. Modern printing techniques allow us to improve and enhance the historical subject matter, even as we're careful to preserve and maintain its historical and artistic integrity.