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All artwork is printed exclusively on 100% premium canvas using archival inks. Combined with a patented non-toxic coating, every Giclee is guaranteed to last over 100 years. Find more information here.
Today's Catch

by Vintage Hawaiian Art

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The airbrushed images signed "Gill" are among the most sought after by collectors of Hawaiian vintage art. Originally produced between the late 1930's and the early 1950's, very little is known about the elusive artist.

The works are simply signed "Gill", and while rumor has it that the artist originally hailed from San Francisco, there is no verified factual information, including even a first name or gender.

Featuring graceful stylized figures and tropical motifs rendered in the classic art deco style, these images have become iconic Hawaiiana. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the air of mystery surrounding this talented artist, the works continue to gain in popularity as each new generation experiences their appeal.

Here, the airbrush graphics although unsigned, are attributable to Gill and have been digitally modified by Lahaina Printsellers, Ltd.

We custom-print this image on waterproof canvas in our Lahaina, Maui studio using the finest archival inks, which are tested and guaranteed not to fade or shift under normal circumstances for over 100 years.