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Tereoboo Bringing Presents To Cook

by Captain Cook's Hawaii

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Tereoboo, King of Owyhee, Bringing Presents to Captain Cook

Artist: John Webber
Plate: 61
Engraver: B. T. Pouncy

Printed by: Lahaina Printsellers, Ltd., 2016

Big Island high chief, Kalaniopuu, identified as Tereoboo in the title of this engraving, is pictured in transit on his way to visit Cook aboard the Resolution. He is portrayed in a feather cloak, standing towards the front of the lead outrigger.

He is accompanied by a number of kahuna (temple priests), including the high priest, Kao. Gifts of pigs and produce are carried in the canoe to right of the lead canoe. The canoe in the left foreground carries four temple images.

The scene was described in an entry from Cook's journal: "At noon on January 26, 1779, Tereoboo, in a large canoe attended by two others, set out from the village and paddled towards the ships in great state. As they went along, those in the center canoe kept singing with much solemnity, from which we concluded that the procession had some of their religious ceremonies mixed with it. But instead of going on board, they came to our side. Their appearance was very grand." *

We custom-print this facsimile on waterproof canvas in our Lahaina studio using the finest archival inks, which are tested and guaranteed not to fade or shift under normal circumstances for over 100 years. Modern printing techniques allow us to improve and enhance the historical subject matter, even as we're careful to preserve and maintain its historical and artistic integrity.

* Cook's Journal - January 26, 1779