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The Makahiki Season

by Steve Stallings

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The Makahiki season is a four-month period of the Hawaiian year, beginning with the first sighting of the constellation Pleiades on the horizon, usually in late October or early November. The timing roughly coincides with our own Thanksgiving.

In ancient times, during the Makahiki season, early Hawaiians abstained from rigorous and unnecessary labor, war was forbidden, and the time was marked with special prayers for health, prosperity, and rains for the season. Tributes and taxes were paid to the ruling chiefs of each district in the form of animals, vegetables, and other gifts valued or needed for daily life.

The Makahiki season was also a time to celebrate with hula, singing, feasting, and sporting contests between villages. It was a significant holiday of the year, as it was a time to celebrate the harvest and begin a period of thanksgiving, personal rest, and spiritual renewal.

These days, the term "Makahiki season" is still used to refer to that time which heralds the new year on the Hawaiian calendar.

The scene has been captured by the brush of talented artist Steve Stallings.

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