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by Antique Ship Paintings

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Built by:
A. MacMillan & Son, Ltd.
Built for:
Devitt & Moore
1805 tons
Built at:
Dunbarton, Scotland
Launch Date:
October 20, 1884


A full-rigged iron ship, the Derwent was one of the first sailing ships equipped with a steam donkey engine. She was rigged with royal sails over double topgallant sails.

On Christmas Eve 1884, she sailed from Glasgow on her maiden voyage, under the command of Captain J. R. Andrews.

Employed in the Australian wool trade, she spent her early years traveling between London and either Sydney or Melbourne. In May 1897, she collided with a French trawler in the English Channel and had to put into Plymouth for repairs.

In this image, the brush of artist Efren Erese captures this fine ship in her glory.