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1827 Vandermaelen Sandwich Isles

by Maps of Hawaii

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"Iles Sandwich, Oceanique No. 3"

Published by Philippe Vandermaelen, 1827

Printed by Lahaina Printsellers, Ltd., 2016

This superb reproduction of Henri Ode's original engraving was first published in Atlas Universel de Geographie Physique, Politique, Statistique et Mineralogique... in Brussels in 1827. This monumental six-volume work was the first atlas mapping of the world using a uniform scale. Because of the consistent scale and projection, the maps could actually be joined together to form a huge globe that would measure over 25 feet in diameter!

Included (in French) on the map is a marvelous set of notes on the islands, including details of Captain Cook's Hawaiian exploration and early place names.

This map is the largest representation of Hawaii to appear in a commercial atlas. It's also noted for being the only post-Rigobert Bonne depiction of Hawaii on a separate map for the first 50 years after its discovery.

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