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A View at Bolcheretskoi

by Unique Sketches

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 Rare Original 18th Century Watercolor

This is undoubtedly one of the earliest student drawings from Cook’s Third Voyage. It is dated Aug 1784, the same month and year as the publication of Cook’s Third Voyage.Full provenance accompanies this remarkable 222 year old masterpiece of ethnographic art.
“Bolcheretskoi is situated in a low swampy plain, that extends to the sea of Okotsk, being about
forty miles long, and of considerable breadth. It lies on the North side of the Bolchoi-reka (or great
river), between the mouth of the Gottsofka and the Bistraia, which here empty themselves into this
river; and the peninsula, on which it stands, has been separated from the continent by a large canal,
the work of the present commander; which has not only added much to its strength as a fortress, but
has made it much less liable, than it was before, to inundations….The ground was, for the most part,
covered with snow; that which was free from it appeared full of small hillocks, of a black turfy nature.
I saw about twenty or thirty cows; and the Major had six stout horses. These, and their dogs, are the
only tame animals they possess…”
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