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All "Canvas" and "Canvas for Gallery Wrap" artwork is printed exclusively on 100% premium cotton canvas using HP archival inks. Combined with a patented non-toxic coating, every Giclee is water-proof and UV protected. This means any of our prints can be framed without glass. Find more information here.
Path of Glory

by The Middletons

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  Dye Infused Aluminum Prints

This new art medium preserves photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal sheets. The metal prints display magical luminescence. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, the archival qualities of this unique process are unparalleled. 


Path of Glory by Mark & Shayla Middleton

Maui photographers, Mark and Shayla Middleton are recognized for their stunningly crisp, clear tropical imagery.  Shayla’s creative eye combined with Mark’s exceptional technical skills exemplifies the adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts . Their breadth of work is impressive from underwater, to shorebreak, to aerials and natural landscapes.

Shayla was born into a ‘photography family’. The last of seven children, her father had already built a darkroom in the basement for his four boys. Shayla is inspired by the incredible beauty of Maui and her father’s love of striking imagery still lives within her.

Mark, always an avid photographer, quit the corporate world to pursue his dream of being a professional photographer. Mark’s true passion is shooting shorebreak! He enters waves most of us flee from, stands in the barrel to capture the perfect shot, than braces for impact in what Shayla’s refers to as the ‘clobber zone’!