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by Richard Fields

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On the island of Maui, Kahikinui is part of a 200,000 acre plot that Congress reserved under the Hawaiian Homes Lands Act. A slice of land that runs from the dormant volcano of Haleakala to the sea, the name Kahikinui means "the family of big Tahiti." It is thought to be the place where the original Polynesians came ashore in Hawaii.

After discovering religious shrines, house and burial sites, fish bones, and ancient stone tools, archeologists determined that a large population once inhabited the region. Although the land is in one of the poorest, most remote areas of Maui and operating costs are high, thousands of native Hawaiians applied for the right to lease plots there and continue in their ancestors' homesteading traditions.

In this view, a few wild turkeys wander through these ancient lands. The scene has been created through the artistic vision of Richard Fields.

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