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Vanda Tricolor Planilabris

by Williams & Fitch Orchids

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"Vanda Tricolor Planilabris"

Originally published by B.S. Williams, 1882-1897

Printed by Lahaina Printsellers, Ltd., 2014

This reproduction of "Vanda Tricolor Planilabris" was inspired by the original study by John Nugent Fitch, nephew of renowned botanical artist Walter H. Fitch, and published by Benjamin S. Williams.

In late Victorian England, orchids were all the rage, and societies dedicated to them thrived. To address this popularity, and to provide illustrations, descriptions and notes on their cultivation, Benjamin Samuel Williams published a subscription series of eleven volumes, edited by Robert Warner and Thomas Moore, and known collectively as The Orchid Album.

Published from 1882 to 1897, these volumes were enthusiastically received by both horticulturists and orchid enthusiasts alike, and Williams's works remain some of the most beautiful and complete ever done on these exotic blossoms. His skilled renderings reflect the magnificence of each orchid variety, while highlighting its unique individual personality.

Originally printed as a hand-colored stone lithograph, the time and labor required to produce such a print was enormous and eventually rendered stone lithography obsolete, as the more efficient offset lithography process took its place.

We believe that our superb reproduction truly captures the beauty of the original 19th century plate, and we're pleased to introduce the series to a new generation.

We custom-print this facsimile on waterproof canvas in our Lahaina studio using the finest archival inks, which are tested and guaranteed not to fade or shift under normal circumstances for over 100 years. Modern printing techniques allow us to improve and enhance the historical subject matter, even as we're careful to preserve and maintain its historical and artistic integrity.