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by Antique Ship Paintings

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Designed by:
A. Stephen & Sons
Built for:
New Zealand Shipping Co.
1075 tons
Built at:
Glasgow, Scotland
Iron ship
Launch Date:


Captain W. B. Boyd had the Piako for six voyages and was by far her best commander. Her best homeward passage, being 71 days, was made under his command. He left the ship to take over the firm's agency at Dunedin. Captain Sutherland was another well known commander of the Piako. He had her from 1885 until in the early 1890's, she was sold to the Germans, being purchased by J.E. Schaffer, of Elsfleth.

In 1900, when bound to the Cape from Melbourne with supplies for the troops in the Boer War, the Piako was posted missing, just short of being 25 years old. She was always considered on of the finest ships of the New Zealand Shipping Company and was particularly noticeable for her good looks.

In this view, artist Efren Erese has captured the elegance of this splendid
ship in her prime.