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Sovereign of the Seas

by Antique Ship Paintings

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Designed by:
Donald McKay
Built for:
2421 tons
Built at:
Boston, MA
Wood ship
(wood frame and planking)
Launch Date:
Passengers, tea, timber


One of Donald McKay's first large clipper ships, the "experts" claimed that the Sovereign of the Seas was too big to be profitable, but they were proven wrong. Chartered by the Black Ball Line in 1853, she sailed from Liverpool to Australia loaded with cargo and passengers, and returned loaded with mail and gold dust.

In the late 1850's a German firm bought her for service to the Far East. On a passage to China, she struck the Pyramid Shoal in the Molucca Straits and became a total loss. McKay later built a second, smaller ship and gave it the same name, but that ship was also lost due to fire in 1861.

In this view, the ship is immortalized in her previous glory days upon the seas by the brush of skilled artist Efren Erese.