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Star of India

by Antique Ship Paintings

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Designed by:
Alexander Stephen
190' 4"
Built for:
Joseph Somes
1102 tons
Built at:
Dundee, Scotland
Wood ship
(wood frame and planking)
Launch Date:


The Star of India began her career with a voyage from Dundee to Calcutta. In 1869 the Suez Canal opened, and P. & O. Steamers using the Canal drove passenger ships out of the Indian trade for good.

In the early 1870's, the emigrant market opened up for ships to sail around the Horn and return via the Cape of Good Hope. The Star of India, after a few trips to Australia, sailed to New Zealand with 300 passengers aboard, including a motley mix of English, Irish, Scots, Swedes, Danes, Germans, Russians and Poles.

In the 1880's, the Star of India was sold to a Captain Michelsen, a Norwegian from Sandefjord. For the next six years she crossed the Atlantic, laden with timber and rigged as a barque. Abandoned in 1892, she became a derelict hulk drifting about on the ocean currents, deteriorating and remaining a hazard to navigation, until she finally made that long, last descent to a watery grave.

In this view, artist Efren Erese gives his inspired take on this magnificent ship.