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by Antique Ship Paintings

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Designed by:
Walter Hood & Co.
Built for:
Aberdeen White Star Line
1661 tons
Built at:
Aberdeen, Scotland
Iron ship
(iron frame and plating)
Launch Date:
Passengers, wool, general cargo


Competition between sail and steam ships for passenger traffic to Australia was at its height when the Aristides was launched in 1876. She was the flagship of Thompson & Sons' White Star Line and was the largest ship ever built for them. She was also considered the finest ship ever produced from Walter Hood's yard.

The Aristides worked right up until her last days of sail when she was obliged to seek cargos from all over the world. In 1903, she sailed from Caleta Buena for San Francisco with a load of nitrate and was never heard of again. A search along her route was conducted but to no avail.

In this view, artist Efren Erese gives his inspired take on this magnificent ship in her prime.