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1600 Quad North America

by Americas

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"Novi Orbis Pars Borealis America Scilicet"

Published by Quad, 1600

Here, Quad offers an attractive, smaller version of a map issued by Cornelis de Jode in 1593. The most striking and obvious feature of this map is its implication of a clear, unobstructed Northwest Passage across the top of the North American continent.

The waterway visually separates the unvisited "Incognita" parts from those more recently "discovered," hence neatly dividing the literal from the imagined.

The largest lake on the map, Lago de Conibas, empties into Arctic waters, but since it is in an area still unexplored by Europeans, it, too, is probably speculative.

Though Hudson Bay has yet to appear, the eastern coastline reflects sixteenth-century explorations of Giovanni da Verrazzano and Sir Walter Raleigh.