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1589 Ortelius Maris Pacifici

by Maps of Oceana

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"Maris Pacifici"

Published by Abraham Ortelius, 1589

This is a cornerstone map and the first printed map to depict the Pacific Ocean. The first circumnavigation of the world (1519-1521) is commemorated on this map, that of Magellan's flagship, the Victoria.

His ship made it, but he was killed in a skirmish in the Philippines. One of the many interesting features presented by this map is a correct representation of Baja as a peninsula. An oversized Japan, an enormous New Guinea floating off the coast of Terra Australis and Ptolemy's greatly exaggerated southern continent are shown.

This map may also record the first intimation of the existence of Hawaii: note Los Bolcanes (the volcanoes) and La Farfana, placed above the Tropic of Cancer, a possible mischarting of the Hawaiian islands.