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Jaquelynne Mauvais

Jaquelynne Mauvais is a watercolor and acrylic artist whose imagination has interested buyers for years. Traveling extensively throughout the world, she has studied different cultures and nature in depth. Therefore she has a deep understanding and respect for the Nature. This she instills in her work by depicting human portraits and floral subjects in a natural setting altered by her dramatic vision of color and design to articulate the subject’s full vitality and personality.

Ms. Mauvais has been a member of the Lahaina Art Society since 1987 and has participated under the “Banyan Tree” and in the Lahaina Art Society Galleries, as well as numerous galleries throughout the island. Jaquelynne has been living in Maui since 1986, consequently, the “Hawaiian Style” landscapes, water scenes and tropical flowers are prevalent in her work.
For commissions call her at (808) 276-4777.

Lahaina Printsellers

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Jaquelynne Mauvais


Jaquelynne Mauvais

Island Sweetheart


Jaquelynne Mauvais

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