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Richard Fields

Richard Fields moved to Hawaii in 1971 from Whittier, California. He is a master of oils, who combines acrylic paint, colored pencil and airbrush to achieve a highly detailed image. This art is filled with light, shadow, texture and presents a dramatic atmospheric effect. Extremely thin washes of color create the illusion of distance.

Richard’s objects in the foreground, whether plants or animals, stand in brilliant relief and seem to possess a magical, lifelike quality. He prefers to paint multi panel panoramic landscapes. These include beaches, seascapes, forests and mountain scenes.

Lahaina Printsellers

We employ state of the art equipment and professional designers skilled in digital arts. Due to technological advancements and thorough R&D, we are able to produce an array of giclées for a fraction of the original’s price.

A giclée is the closest reproduction of an original possible. We hand coat every giclée. Furthermore, we print with archival inks and 100% Cotton Canvas. As a result, our giclées are completely waterproof and guaranteed not to fade or shift for over 100 years!

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Richard Fields


Richard Fields

Kapalua Bay