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Hand-made Hawaiian Style Rattan Frames

Rattan Frame Information

Though the design has changed over the years, we commission these Rattan frames through a small family owned company in The Philippines. Your frame is the result of trial and error of the last 20 years! Rattan is a vine-like Palm that requires forest cover in order to thrive. Its trunk can span a diameter of over two inches down to the thickness of a human hair. The harvester’s collection process is performed by hand by a simple machete. Ultimately, the rattan vine cannot survive without the forest. Rattan quickly regenerates. As a result, this method of harvesting protects the destruction of the forest.

Hawaiian Hand-Made Frames

Hawaii Rattan Frame

$ 190.00$ 295.00

Hawaiian Hand-Made Frames

Kauai Rattan Frame

$ 190.00$ 895.00